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Below you will find an index of library resources to bless your walk with God as you love Him with all your mind. Collectively, the links below comprise tens of thousands of volumes, including books, databases, and periodicals. Most of the sites are free. Please help us keep this up to date by reporting any broken links to our webmaster.

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BibleBibles - Click here to choose a language/ version of the Bible you would like to freely access. (Free)

Joshua Project

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open BibleBible Study Resources The following links provide additional Bible study resources and tools to aid your personal study of God's Word.

Crosswalk Bibles (Free) On-line Bibles, concordances, Bible dictionaries and commentaries

Tagnet (Free) On-line Bibles, concordances, Bible dictionaries and commentaries

E-Sword Bible Study Software (Free) This is an excellent resource that you can download onto your computer.

Blue Letter Bible (Free) Searchable Bible, Commentaries, Audio.

BibleGateway (Free) Multiple modern translations available via Gospelcom.

Parallel Bible (Free)

Virtual Christianity Electronic Bibles (Free) Comprehensive list of on-line Bibles, in English and other languages, both ancient and modern.

World Wide Study Bible (Free) Cross-linked resources organized by CCEL

Interlinear Bible (Free) Available from Crosswalk

Multilingual Bibles (Free) Available from the University of Chicago

Bible History Online (Free) Eclectic collection of historical information.

Resources for Biblical Studies (Free) Resources from Volda University in Norway.

Resources from the College of St. Benedict's/St. John's (Free): Includes: Scripture, Systematic Theology, Moral Theology, Church History and Historical Theology, Liturgical Studies and Liturgical Music, Monastic Studies, Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry, Spirituality, Philosophy and Theology I: Classical Period to Enlightenment, Online Theology-Related Periodicals

Internet Christian Library (Free) Hundreds of resources, bibles, documents, and books

Commentaries (Free)

Concordances (Free)

Dictionaries (Free)

Encyclopedias (Free)

BibleOnline Libraries

California Digital Library (Free) Contains more than 1,800 free University of California Press publications.

Comprehensive List of Library Servers on the Web (Free) Links to public and academic libraries from the US, Canada, Australia and europe.

University of Pennsylvania Digital Library (Free)

InfomLine (Free) Thousands of electronic books, journals, and databases from UC.

Library of Congress Exhibitions (Free)

NetLibrary (Annual Membership Fee) Thousands of online books and resources.

Questia (Annual Membership Fee) Thousands of online books and resources.


BibleAcademic Journal Resources

Scholarly Journals distributed via the Web (Free) University of Houston Libraries

Google Scholar (Free) Search Academic Journals and Citations


BibleTheological Periodicals

Archeology Magazine (Free)

Center for the Advancement of Paleo-Orthodoxy (Free)

Christian Reconstruction: Critiques (Free)

Christian Research Journal (Free Resources Available)

Discipleship Journal (Free)

The Christian Theology Page (Free)

Moody Monthly (Free)

Preaching Magazine (Free)

Publications of Christianity Today Inc. (Free)

The Center for Reformed Theology & Apologetics (Free)

The Founder's Journal (Free)

The Tyndale Bulletin (Free)

Literature and Theology (Free)

Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism (Free)

Theology Today from Princeton Theological Seminary (Free) Theology Today, a quarterly ecumenical journal of Christian theology, publishes articles on a wide range of classical and contemporary issues in Christian theology by many of the finest theologians working today.

BibleTheological Studies Resources

Theopedia (Free) Powerful Theological Encyclopedia with hundreds of topics.

God Rules (Free) Selected works of biblical Theology

Christian Classics Ethereal Library (Free) Thousands of resources, including reference books, Christian literature, bibles, and audio (check out the Executable Outlines option on this site).

World Wide Encyclopedia of Christianity (Free) From the Christian Classics Ethereal Library

World Wide Theological Article Bank (Free) Contemporary Theology and Theological Journals

Early Church Fathers (Free) From the Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Internet Resources for Studying & Teaching Theology (Free) Available via the University of Oxford

Studies in Religion, Society, and Culture (Free) From Newfoundland and Labrador

WWW Biblical Theology Index (Free)

Vanderbilt Divinity School (Offers Free e-Resources)

Duke Divinity School Online Library (Free)

Harvard Divinity School Online Library (Free e-Resources)

Pitts Theological Seminary Library (Free)

BibleTraditional References

Wikipedia (Free) Free Online Open Encyclopedia

Dictionary (Free)

BibleHistorical Resources

The Spurgeon Archive (Free)

Project Wittenberg (Free) Project Wittenberg is home to works by and about Martin Luther and other Lutherans. Here you will find all manner of texts from short quotations to commentaries, hymns to statements of faith, theological treatises to biographies, and links to other places where words and images from the history of Lutheranism live.

Selected works of Martin Luther (Free)

John Wesley: Holiness, Heart, and Life (Free) John Wesley started a movement of practical piety-- a movement that continues today. John Wesley: Holiness of Heart and Life is one of a series of spiritual growth studies produced annually.


The Church Hall of History (Free)

The Works of Josephus (Free)

Creeds and Confessions (Free)

Fox's Book of Martyrs (Free)

Sketches of Church History (Free)

Bible History, Old Testament (Free)

Essays in Medieval Studies (Free)

BiblePhilosophical Resources

Philosophy Resources on the Internet (Free)

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Free)

BibleChristian Living/Devotional

Quiet Time Bible Study (Free) Available from Intervarsity Press

Renewal Community Board Devotionals (Free) Posted by our affiliates

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